Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hello!  Welcome to Matthew's blog--probably the most remarkable creative work you will ever experience!  I kid, I kid.  Truthfully, this most likely won't be the next great American masterpiece.  I don't plan to muse on life's great questions, and I don't think I will offer profound answers to those questions. My only hope is to entertain my followers that I've carefully selected out of my "giant" pool of friends and acquaintances.  So, in case you were wondering why you were invited to read this blog, it is because of the following:

- You are a family member.  You think I'm kinda cool and creative, and you're interested in my travels with my dad.


- You are a close friend that will comically belittle my simple thoughts, point out grammatical errors (yes, English professors--especially part-timers--make them too), and frequently roll your eyes while voicing "Oh, brother!" at my insightful/inane blog content.  You're welcome!


You are Dug Hale.

Either way, prepare to be entertained!  I plan to overwhelm you with pictures of food, animals, trees, people, landmarks, and more food.  I also plan to wax-poetic on everything my dad and me experience along the way.  It should be fun; it should be interesting; you should stay tuned for more!  

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  1. I expect a constant stream of pretentious quotes, preferably from Jack London.