Friday, May 25, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Today was a decidedly relaxing day despite the hectic reality tomorrow brings with the first day of travel.  I spent the afternoon with mom, dad, and Miss Avery Elaine (my 4-year-old niece) by the pool playing "Avery" games.  I call them "Avery" games because they are all orchestrated by the tiny mastermind, and they all involve her rules.  "Do this, Uncle Matt."  "Come here, Pop."  "Get that!"  It actually took me a couple rounds to realize she was playing fetch with me.  Fetch!  I kinda felt like Chester the amazing/wretched cat-dog in that moment, but I went with it because she's disarmingly convincing. 

Here's the little charmer:

I still can't believe we start the journey tomorrow.  I wonder what I really expect from this whole experience.  I mean, it could be miserable.  We're bound to have a flat tire along the way; the spicy foods will destroy our stomachs; some creepy hitchhiker will inevitably tie one of us between a truck and a trailer and hit the gas.  Actually, that last one probably won't happen.  If you want to see it, though, it's actually a great scene from The Hitcher.  Anywho...back to expectations.  Yeah, I have no idea.  The romantic adventurer in me hopes to learn something more about America or more about my father or more about me, but that may only happen in brief snippets: conversations with strangers, a quick snapshot of my father or some grand landscape, a hearty laugh over a dumb joke.  It's corny, but I look forward to those simple moments.  Maybe each one will come together to make something bigger.  

Here's hoping!  6 AM will be here soon enough.

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  1. Avery games! Ha! They are just beginning... She's got you wrapped around her little finger. Glad your trip got off to a good start!! chrissy