Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Terry and Kathy Walker warned us we were going to see a whole lot of nothing during the long drives to our destinations, and they were certainly right today.  Fourteen hours of endless pavement, jagged rock faces, and expansive terrain made the drive seem interminable.  However, I was still surprised by the lush Texas landscape and the spectacular rock hills that jut out of the earth and continue for miles.  Occasionally, a monstrous cloud skirted across the deep blue sky to block out tiny bits of sun and offer momentary relief from its rays.  It was quite picturesque, but I think we simply spent too much time looking at endless earth today. 

I've attached a brief video of the ride.  Just refresh the video 4,000 times if you really want to know what our drive was like.  Listening to a murder mystery kept our eyes open, though!

We finally made it to Santa Fe around 4:40 PM.  We didn't want to lose daylight or miss any important sights, so we quickly left the luggage behind in our room and drove another five miles into the city center.  After making reservations at The Shed for dinner, we explored the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis Assisi located in downtown Santa Fe.  While mass was in session, the majority of the church remained open for guests to browse and photograph.  

Once we left the Cathedral, we returned to the central city plaza to browse the unique buildings and stores.  We spent a significant amount of time wandering Cowboys and Indians, a distinctly western store that featured gaudy clothing, elaborate furniture, and numerous cowboy and cowgirl boot styles.  

Who wouldn't want this bed made for the gods!

This incredible bull is more than just a statue; it's a working grill.  When grilling, the smoke escapes through the bull's nostrils and rear.  A measly $2,500 will make you the talk of the neighborhood!

Dad's travel books recommended The Shed for authentic Mexican cuisine, and, boy, did this place deliver!  The service was excellent, the atmosphere was fun and informal, and the food was unlike any Mexican meal I've scarfed down before. Actually, I couldn't really scarf it down because it was so hot and spicy!  We both enjoyed variations on the chicken enchilada meal, and we finished with our first decadent dessert of the trip: rich mocha cake.  You can start hating us now.

A relaxed stroll through the Canyon Road art galleries was the perfect way to end a long but rewarding day.  I happily commandeered a tree and reconnected with the St. Mary's hippie in me; Dad made friends with some sheep; and we both enjoyed one of our favorite pastimes: studying/appreciating art.  

Inspiration = Puff the Magic Dragon

The bunny is for you, mom!

After I finally write the book that only my family members will purchase, I'll be 
putting this arch made of books in my apartment.  Sorry, Dug!  It's happening.  
I think Chester will like it, though.

Each book featured a one-of-a-kind title on its spine.  

I finally got a chance to pick a bone with Twain about Number 44: The Mysterious Stranger.  He wasn't having it.  

Well, I'm exhausted!  Stay tuned for stories from Sedona!


  1. sante fe looks so cool! and the food looks awesome!


  2. Okay, laughing at your suggestion to refresh the video repeatedly to mimic your drive. Hysterical! Love the architecture of the church. That grill is amazing! I bet you are going to surprise us with the fact that you are having one shipped to Susan for the summer, right? Umm, if you wrote a book, I would be first in line for an autographed purchase.. Just sayin.. My favorite is the photo of the you in the tree. It is unbelievable. The photo of Bill with the sheep comes in a close second, but his dancing lacks enthusiasm. The sheep are way more excited! love to you as you head to California!!! Woo Hoo!

  3. OMG ur dad hung out w/ th cast of Catherine!!1